Tables- how best to teach them?

Since tables are not covered in Unit2… how do you teach your students how to build tables??

I have created a few tables in a project and want to share them with my students- what is the best way to do that?

Are you trying to teach them the idea of tables or just showing them what all can be done with them?

In my CS class at school our teacher never covered tables so I had to learn them on my own, however I’ve chance to teach some people how all they work. For the most part I’ve seen that everyone wants to learn how to make a “Chatting app,” with that it’s just a simple input that appends a record to the table when you click a button, then creating a function that loads all of the records onto the screen via a “Text Area.”

However, in the terms of you wanting to teach the children how tables work and what all they are…I’d teach them something along the lines of understanding how you can write a note and come back to it whenever you need, OR you can put it in the way of how you have a cabinet and how you can store things in them, take the things out use them, then repeat the process of storing, taking, putting back/fetching again.

If you need more help I am always willing to help and or will try my best to stay in touch.

Thanks, I am just trying to show them how to build a basic table (middle school.) I am not sure if I should do so through the “projects” function or where since there isn’t a specific spot on Unit 2 for this?


I teach my classes tables. I kind of created my own assignment based loosely on the W3 Schools lessons on building tables here: HTML Tables

I just have them incorporate a short table in their final design project for the unit. You could use a blank project as well or any of the free play levels.

Hope this helps.


thanks, yes, I was planning on having them include a table in their final page.
How do you have them practice before the final project? In W3schools? I don’t believe that allows for “turn in to teacher” or does it?

No, but I just pick one of the free play levels and let them practice there. You could also have them practice on a project page. One way to do this would be for them to start on any level that has a remix button at the top of the page. They could click remix right from the beginning and this would take them to a project page.

Another way would be to start from here and click on “Make a web page.”

Good luck!


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Mike, if they remix from a level, would I then be able to go to that level to look at and grade their code? Or do I have to go looking for it in the projects section?
Thank you!

If they remix from a level, it will end up in the projects, but that’s where I typically have them click on the “share” button at the top of the page and get the shared link. I have them send that link to me in Canvas (or you could use whatever content management solution you use if it can accept a link).


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Sometimes I have students create something in the sandbox option in w3 Schools then allow them to copy/paste the code into their projects from there. This allows them to incorporate the tables wherever works for their sites without making mistakes that would negatively impact their overall project.