Tag visual for html

Hi all! At our Quarterly 2 workshop last year, we were pretty confused by head, header and heading. Our facilitator made an analogy to a hamburger and I created a visual for this year as we start planning for Unit 2. Feel free to use it or help me out if you think I can improve it.
Edited: After receiving feedback, I have deleted the old visual and added the improved version.

html hamburger.pdf (65.3 KB)



This is great with one modification. The < header > tag should go inside the < body > and you probably don’t even need to use it, it isn’t covered in Code.org curriculum. I like the idea of the < html > tag as the bun, the < head > as the toppings and the meat as the < body > which is what you have to have for the burger to exist. I might even go so far as to have a “toothpick” as the < !DOCTYPE html > tag so much like when restaurants put a toothpick or flag to mark well done vs medium rare, it is informing the person what it is (like DOCTYPE informs the computer).

< h1 > through < h6 > wouldn’t really be applied because they fall in with all the other tags that could be used which is a lot.


Thanks for the feedback. I did catch my mistake as I was looking through materials to prepare for the quarterly workshop. Also, you made me check the rubric for this year. Last year they had to include a header with the navigation bar and footer with the Creative Commons license although those tags were never previously mentioned. That has been removed from the rubric this year so I’ll take away my cheese that was in the wrong place anyway!

Is it dumb that I’m all of sudden excited to find my little plastic sandwich I used to use when teaching paragraphs?! :sandwich:

Not at all! You’re the one who gave me the idea last year when you facilitated in Michigan :slight_smile: