Parent comment on rubric for Personal Website


A parent just sent me the following in email:
"I think [her son] is confused about the placement of navigation bar (hyperlinks to the pages). He is actually putting them into element of the HTML document.

I asked him, if he understands that is for hosting metadata of the page and tag(s) that normally placed there is/are hook(s) for linking other files such as css. "

It’s true we taught our students that the …head… was for meta-data (such as the title). I can see how this placement of the Nav-bar could be confusing. Just entering this note here in case the curriculum developers concur and move the nav-bar into the body as they make updates to the lesson plans and rubric. thanks


I’m not exactly sure where the confusion is.
Are you talking about in U2 Rubric - Final Personal Website
in the structure description

Every page contains DOCTYPE, <html> element, <head> element, and <body> element.


I think she is referring to this line of the rubric (from the Headers and Footers section):
“Each page contains a header with the page title and a navigation bar that links to every other page in the site.”

It seems she is uncomfortable that the nav bar is IN the header. I am just relaying information. thanks for your inquiry


Yeah, header, heading, head tag, all of that is very confusing. Maybe some more thought should go into the verbiage on the rubric. Do you have any thoughts about it?


Ha ha - yes, these words are way too similar. I see what you mean about the rubric. The middle section might need some work. Maybe something like:

Head, Title, Navigation and Footers
Each page contains a head section with the page title. The first item in the body section of each page is a navigation bar that links to every other page in the site. Each page contains a footer that tells users the license under which the website is published.