TAGging Other Code

Hi all,

I understand that I can see which peers left feedback via the TAG method under the top-left hand tab, “Review”. However, what I can’t seem to figure out for the life of me, is how I can see which peers the student tagged from their project page. It would be far too cumbersome to keep track simply by a project-to-project basis. TDLR; where can I see one’s students group of TAGs on the same page?


@aj_mancuso - Anthony thank you for your inquiry. This would be great feature. I am investigating what is possible. I or someone else will post a response. Have a great day!

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The ability to display all of the TAGs for a particular student would be an amazing addition to Java Lab in the near future. This is a heavily-requested feature, and one that is definitely on the radar.

This would not be something that we would be able to enable for this year, unfortunately. Going forward, however, there will be improvements to the teacher dashboard experience. Being able to see and to manage student TAGs would be a strong addition to the dashboard in order to get our instructors the information they need in a seamless way.

Sorry that there is not an immediate solution at play, but know that one is in the works!


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Hi Erik,

Okay! Thank you for the reply and info.

Thanks Erik - looking forward to having more teacher tools as the course gets revised.