Teaching as a 9 Week Course

Hello! With all the changes to this coming school year, I will be teaching this class for the first time and as a 9 week course. Does anyone here do that? If so, what material do you cover to be the most effective?

Thanks in advance!

It kind of depends on what you want to emphasize. If it is a 9 week course with a typical 45 minute per day class (or something similar), you may only have time to cover around half the material.

I do something similar in one of my classes and I mostly teach them unit 3, however, it’s not ideal as I love the problem solving curriculum in unit 1 and I wish I had a few more weeks to cover all of that. I think the next time I teach for that short of a time period, I will probably teach several lessons from unit 1 and then the first half of unit 3.

If you prefer teaching web development, though, unit 2 is a great standalone unit as well. What I probably wouldn’t try to do is to cram all three units into 9 weeks. That would probably be confusing to students and not give them enough time to process what they are learning.

Just my 2 cents, but maybe others will jump in and share what they do.


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