Teaching conditionals


This will be my first year teaching conditionals. I have found many of the suggestions extremely useful especially, if sufficient and appropriate grade level front loading is done comprehension will be more likely, else it may be a confusing concept.


I think one possibility could be to use movement as the conditional game.
If the teacher says 1, you jump, if the teacher says 2, you dock down, if the teacher says 3, you do nothing.
In this way I could incorporate the If and Else.


I would teach conditionals much like in the video with a classroom “real life” example. Making decisions, if this then this but if anything else then nothing. I think the students could brainstorm many real life examples of their own. I also like the idea of tying it into video games, facebook, snapchat - programs using code that they use and understand every day.


Just like with teaching sequencing, I think using student’s real lives are great ways to teach this. If you do your chores, you get your allowance else not. If you do your homework, you get credit for it, else no credit. Also tying this to goal setting (growth mindset) helps students see that they are responsible for making effort to improve their lives.


Hi teachers, i will reply in spanish language:
Para enseñar condiciones, he aplicado problemas de matematica simples, por ejemplo pedirle a los alumnos que escriban un programa que calcule la raiz cuadrada de un numero, peroooo solo si el numero es positivo, de caso contrario que informe al usuario que no es posible calcular la raiz cuadrada de numeros negativos.



I liked the card game conditional approach. Pointing out that you can only have one consequence.


I like the idea of the card game. I did notice that if you are going to teach these conditionals, you must have two possibilities, at least in the beginning. Make sure to have 2 possibilities at the beginning will make it easier to add onto the if-else statement. I hope there is something similar in the CS Discoveries curriculum. I am so excited that I pushed to add Computer Science to my school’s choices of an elective.

This lesson is also giving me a recap on what I learned so many years ago and has given me more to be excited about.