Tech support moving to teaching

I currently work as Tech Support in an elementary school. Prior to that I had a long career as a programmer. I worked with software and hardware that is now obsolete. But the principles of programming haven’t change :slight_smile:
I would like to move into teaching programming and general CS to elementary school kids. I have started working on my certificate and should be ready for next school year 2023-2022.
What resources are available to get my feet wet with what has available? I have thought of offering support for the Hour of Code. But I don’t know what is available.

Where’s a good place to start?

@katherine.e.williams, Welcome to the community!

One way to get started would be to look at the professional development resources. Here is a link to that. If there aren’t any workshops near you in the near future, there will likely be some in the future. Professional Learning |

At the middle school and high school level, there are some self-guided professional development opportunities even if there aren’t any workshops in the near future.

Hope this helps a little!