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I have a student what works very hard and she does a fantastic job. When she does not understand something, she will research to find answers. However, she feels the curriculum, without a textbook, does not have a good resource for these situations. I know she is wanting a textbook-style resource that she can reference when she needs answers to questions. I did not know if anyone else had this concern from students or how to approach it. She is a terrific student and I do not want it to be “turn-off” point for her. She goes the extra mile all the time, so I did want to take her question very serious. She mentioned this at the end of Unit 1 just recently. Thanks for any suggestions.


Part of the trouble is that a lot of these books are quite expensive, and also because CSP covers such a wide swath of material it’s rare that one book covers it. I’m sure more will be coming. But in the meantime…

One book that is free is: Blown to Bits (bitsbook.com)

Others: IT Fluency by Lawrence Snyder is good, and I know a lot of people use Computer Science Illuminated

Hope that helps get you started.



Thanks Baker. I will look at those resources.

I received some books through a survey at work. I’ll send you to titles of this books in the morning.

Here is a text that covers some of the topics in CSP:
Computer Concepts 2016 Enhanced Edition
Cengage Learning ISBN 978-1-305-65628-4