"The Internet" Unplugged Activity

Does anyone here have experience running the Unplugged lesson titled “The Internet” (https://studio.code.org/unplugged/unplug10.pdf and https://code.org/curriculum/course3/18/Teacher), or know someone who does? I am part of the program staff for the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, and I’m planning activities about the internet and cybersecurity for the Living in the 21st Century - Communications & Media program area. We could have as many as 50,000 Scouts aged 14-18 from around the world visit our activity over 2 weeks next summer, and we think an activity like this would be perfect. Unfortunately, however, we don’t have a lot of time to test and tweak the activity, so I’d very much like to talk with someone who has more experience with this activity and pick their brain for tips and lessons learned.


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Hi Michael, I have used this activity 8 times in the school I work with different group of kids and I think it´s one of the most fun activities I had used, that´s because kids, play against others, and also the game in the activity teach them how internet works, the activity talks about different layers of the OSI model, so it is a good activity to use.