The list of coding lessons on youtube on Coding Adventures channel

A few days ago I shared with you that I intend to start a new coding channel on youtube.
The intended audience of the channel are code newbies and coding teachers that teach coding in class or coding clubs.

A few more sessions were streamed since then. Here is the playlist:

If you like it, you can subscribe to not miss lessons. The new streaming is in less than 2h from now.


Your tutorials are really simple to understand and will help build future developers.
I really like that you dedicate your time into the channel and I wish you luck with it!
You should make your tutorials a little bit more fun by using a library (p5.js) for actually drawing something on the screen. When I was beginning, It wasn’t so interesting to just mess with for loops and using console.log just to type text, that, in the end, wasn’t even customizable. You couldn’t change its color. P5.js allows people to draw squares, circles and may interest your viewers more, especially since p5.js isn’t going to be hard to learn for beginners.

Good luck with your channel!

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