Theater assets using a chromebook

One of my teachers students only have chromebooks to use. How can they add to the theater assets without being able to download the file onto the chromebook. We’re only seeing 3 assets right now (all smiley faces) and he would like to add more

Hi Bryan,
Thanks for reaching out to help a colleague! It is possible to download images onto a chromebook, check out this article. Up until this school year, I had students working on chromebooks, and they were able to use the theatre, most of them already knew how to download images onto their chromebooks when we got to that unit.
One thing that could be an issue is if the school district limits functionality on student devices. I would suggest to this teacher that they have a student test the steps in the article before they get to unit 4, and then they can reach out the their districts IT to see if they can change that restriction, if it is in place.


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