Timing/Schedule of PTs



I am sure I have read this somewhere before, but unsure whether it was here or in a PDF etc.

Basically I am wondering when CSP teachers usually give the PTs? I think I remember reading it is advised that you complete certain units before each PT, but currently can not find that information.

Any help would be appreciated.




Hi Glenn,

I don’t know where the info is posted either, but I do remember what the recommendations are.

Explore PT: Any time after unit 4, since by then, you’ve covered innovations and data. No programming skills or knowledge are needed. Some teachers might prefer to do it immediately after unit 4 since data is still fresh in the minds of children.

Create PT: Any time after Chapter 1 of unit 5. Unit 5 was actually designed so if you’re short on time, you can sacrifice Chapter 2 since the skills and knowledge needed for the Create PT are covered in Unit 5 Chapter 1 (and Unit 3). Be aware Unit 5 Chapter 2 content likely will still appear on the multiple choice portion of the exam.



Thank you very much for the response.

I found some of the information in posts in the forums, but it was never entirely clear.

This certainly makes it a lot clearer to me.

Thanks again.