How many minutes/periods should you/did you dedicate to this lesson?

I’m curious to people’s opinion about how many minutes you should or did dedicate to this particular lesson.



I plan to spend at least 4 periods on this project because it will be one of the last things they do before starting their Create Task. Hopefully, I will have some of the checklists and other resources in place so we can get a dress rehearsal. 1 for intro and planning, 2 for completing the code and 1 for writing. I will probably do day 1 of coding with limited help and then no help on day 2.


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How is it the last thing before the create when there are 7 more lessons?

@carmichaelc After finishing U5 Chapter 1, your students will have covered all the material they need to successfully complete the Create PT. U5 Ch2 is focused on Programming and Data Structures. The later lessons address Arrays and creating a Canvas Painter app. The Create PT does not require knowledge of lists/arrays.

Thanks @terence.stone25 Looking at the practice mp exam, there will be quite a few questions on if statements, loops but hardly any arrays or lists - these being covered after lesson 5.

This will also be the last thing for my students. We have spring break and state testing that I need to account for so we will have to begin the PT mid March. I will also need to allow a day to upload the submissions and I want to get a few days for test prep. In addition, if a student misses more than one day of class they will need to make that up.