Timing with Lessons (do they seem off?)

Does anyone here have kind of a timetable for each lesson with how long it really takes students? I find the lesson plans to be way off. For instance, today we did Unit 3, Lesson 4. They have the activity at 40 minutes…it took the majority of my students 15-20. I also did this at home the night before and it only took me about 15 and I know nothing about coding. Any suggestions? It’s been hard to gauge and I’m trying to keep students together and don’t really want too many to get too far ahead. Thanks!

I made this real quick based on my notes and what I have time to try and get to in a semester course where I have to also teach Computer Literacy which takes up the first half of the quarter. I have a ton of “Early Finisher” activities for different coding websites along with a typing program my students use daily for when they finish a task quicker than expected.


Thank you @lacey.lloyd for sharing your work! However, when I tried to click on it, the permissions were not open. If you look at the permissions you could either change it to anyone can view or you could change the word edit in the link to copy and it’ll do a force copy for anyone who clicks on it. Thanks again for sharing your notes. You organized few keep the rest of us in line! :slight_smile: