Translation in to Spanish causes "app" not to work

When translated to Spanish the app’s output doesn’t change
On Bubble 4 when my students double-click to translate to Spanish, the app no longer outputs the correct answer.

I’d like to see the code for the app fixed. All the other bubbles/apps in this lesson function fine when translated to Spanish.

I’ve tried translating on every bubble in this lesson and they all translate well AND the app functions as intended. This one (How Many Countries) does not work correctly when translated.

Hi @faublek,

I translated the page to Spanish from the bottom of the site by changing the language and the app still worked but I think I am not understanding what you mean by “double-click” to change to Spanish? Can you clarify where you are double-clicking? This may be something that needs to be submitted to support - I just want to be sure I understand.


On the students’ chromebook if they double tap on the touchscreen it pulls up the Translate menu. Once this is done the app doesn’t function correctly. I have not tried it from going to the bottom of the page and using the Translate function.

Oh yes! I have never right clicked to translate. You are correct, the other activities translate and function correctly but activity 4 does not. I would submit to support and let them know. Thanks for the tips too!