Turning on Extra Lessons in Unit 3?

I get a message telling me I have to turn them on for my students to see them. How do I do that? I am not finding it - either because I’m looking in the wrong place, or I am having a really bad case of the Monday’s on a Friday, lol Any help appreciated, please! Thanks -


From the dashboard click on the downward facing carrot to the left of the section you want to manage. Then select “Edit Section Details” and you’ll find a place to “turn on” extras. If this doesn’t show, I’d submit a bug report (the three lines in the top right hand corner).

Hope that helps!

thank you! Had to select the unit from the drop down menu first, but was able to see the option to turn them on from there. Appreciate the help!

Thanks!!! This helped me, too!!!

Where is this Downward facing carrot? I don’t understand this??? I want to turn on the extra lessons but have no clue how :frowning:


My courses are outdated because I no longer teach but on the far right side you’ll see the downward arrow (to the right of the 6 letter course codes)

and when you click on “Edit Section Details” you’ll get this screen:

Which you can turn on lesson details.

Hope that helps!