U06L07P09 - Dice App

When setProperty(“dice”+i,“border-width”,1); is added to the code and you roll the dice many times, the dice seem to move to the left … WHY??? This bothers me soooo much and I can’t explain it to my kids. We need the border width so the white border only shows up for even numbers.


Did you look at the exemplar provided. I ran it and the dice don’t seem to be moving in that. Please share your code.

Absolutely! There’s a little difference in the code to the exemplar, but it shouldn’t make a difference … thanks for looking at it.

onEvent(“rollButton”, “click”, function( ) {
var odds = 0;
var evens = 0;
for(var i = 0; i < 20; i++){
var roll = randomNumber(1,6);
if(roll == 1 || (roll == 3) || (roll == 5)){
setProperty(“dice” + i, “border-color”, “black”);
} else {
setProperty(“dice” + i, “border-color”, “white”);
setProperty(“informationLabel”,“text”,"Total Odds: " + odds + "\nTotal Evens: " + evens);

I’m sorry I still don’t see the dice moving left. Is it an illusion since the width of the numbers may be different.

shrug I have no idea! This is what I see.

This is not happening for me. I copy pasted your code into AppLab and ran it. Here is a link to my remixed project! Did you try different browsers?

I did try it at home last night and did not experience the drifting … Chrome was the browser I was using.

Then when I came to school (using Chrome), it was drifting. It happened with all of my students at school too. So it’s a weird thing, but not actually a coding problem. I can live with that. Strange tho.

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