U1 Day 17-19: PD Discussion Topic


I’m going to have each of my students work with one of the chatterbox sites and also perform the Turing test in class. My classroom is a computer lab.


I’m going to have my kids chat with their neighbor. My goal is to get them to understand how the person next to them learns. We’ll talk about this prior to the Turing Test activity. Once they have completed the activity, I’m going to engage them as a group and discuss what they learned.

There’s a really cool video of a person completing a Turing Test that I’d like to show my class. It’s a quick video on youTube. I think it might help the kids make sense of what they experienced during the activity.


I didn’t look through the unit, so I didn’t realize we are going to carry out the Turing Test. I appreciate everyone’s feedback on how they would teach it and look forward to trying it out when the time comes.

Does anyone really go back and read these responses that we type?


Hi! The Code.org team sees all of the responses. We try to help answer questions if you have any along the way. Glad you enjoyed the forum discussion about this activity!



Like stated in the video, the test human and test computer should be separated from the guesser, so I was thinking that we could use Google Docs to make this happen. The two test subjects would be in the conference room next to mine typing “response 1” and “response 2.” The class can decide which questions to ask the subjects in the classroom version of the google doc. This eliminates the need for the students who act as “gophers” running information back and forth, as it is set up in the original activity.


I will have students use one of the chatterbot sites and a classmate to replicate the Turing Test experiment and then they will record their data and write a conclusion (infuse the scientific method and writing).


I am a librarian so I have access to a large space in addition to a storage room and my office. I really appreciate all of the resources that people have been posting to this forum and plan on using them when I teach this lesson. I particularly like the one about Watson winning Jeopardy.


I will be using my classroom and the hallway to teach this lesson. I think students will enjoy this lesson and watching the various videos that supplement this lesson.


Facilitating the Turing Test in the class will be interesting. I may utilize the hallway to give the privacy needed. I will also select students that will stay true to the objective of the test. I appreciate all of the information on this forum for places to find chatterbot websites. I plan to delve in to those to inform myself before attempting this lesson.


Not sure how i will conduct this lesson. need to do more research for it to be successful in my classroom.


I have a nice garage door that would be useful for the Turing test. I would also like to find online Turing tests that students could experiment with. I’d also like to introduce machine learning, there is a great PBS documentary on Watson and the IBM Jeopardy challenge.


I like the way it is presented in the book so I will use the same one.


I plan on having the questions and responses shared in a doc that all the students can see in real time. Only the mediator(s) inbetweens, the computer and the human will directly interact with each other. The questions will be posted by me, they will be shared by the mediator(s) to the computer and the human and the mediator will post their responses on the shared document. Editing rights will be only me and the mediator(s) with viewing rights for the rest of the class.


I will use the library and use two of the study/conference rooms to sequester the persons answering the questions. The persons with the questions will exit the library and come around another way so no one will see where they are going.


For this activity, I will set up yhe classroom like a tv dating show. I will have 4 students at the front of class. 3 students will be behind a temporary wall and the 4th student will ask the questions. The 3 hidden students who will be identified by numbers 1,2 &3 will have secret roles(computer or human). The 4th student will ask the 3 hidden students questions and the audience will have to determine who is a computer and who is a computer. Everyone will reveal their answers at the end of the activity and I will create a chart to show the class results.


I will set up a shield/box on a couple desks facing the class. Behind the shield both will have chromebooks to type their responses to the given questions on a shared document. The document will be projected on a screen for the class to see. Students will vote on which is the computer.

After looking at the
site I see that there is a Turing test there which I will have students do.


I would start by watching the turing video. Then I would let the students brainstorm in groups different ways to trick the human.


I think I will also use some of the movies about intelligence like bicentennial man and wallie. I like the idea of having students chat with each other to learn about one another and see how a human interacts versus a machinge


I am planning on setting it up like a dating gameshow. I’ll design and set up the room to act like it is the gameshow set with curtains and a big sign. I don’t know of any other chatterbot sites but I’ll be looking.


I have use the example of The Chinese Room in order to get my students to think about the concept of AI. I will probably include video clips from the Imitation Game movie about Alan Turing. I also have my student to design their perfect robot with things they wish it to be able to do and things that it should never do.