U1 Day 17-19: PD Discussion Topic


My co-teacher for ECS and I have rooms at different extremes of the building; I’m on the 5th floor and he’s in the basement. I wonder if this extreme of separation would be good.


Interestingly, the new AP CS labs include a simple chatbot. Everyone is thinking about Turing!


I think that I will watch a clip or video. I moved to a new classroom, so it is difficult to describe my classroom set up at this point.


I would like to start with a video of “The Turing Test” then group discussion and see just what the students understanding is of “What is Intelligence?” I’m not sure at this point just how I would do it in the classroom. My classroom is big enough to do the test in.


I’m in the process of selecting various chatterbot websites that I may be able to implement in my ECS classes. The best way that I can possibly set up my room is by creating a U shape in order to effectively facilitate the Turing Test-I think. I’m thinking in terms of our (the students and I) working space. I’m sure that I will take pictures and upload great pictures once I get to this point. My classroom is big and I have plenty of room in the center of the classroom.


I also wanted to mention as addition to my previous post that I have a smartboard and two monitors inside of my classroom. I’m sure that I will think of ways to have students work collaboratively and uniquely. I have a few good resources but for the Turing Test I will need to derive ways in order to effectively use each.


I am using an extended classroom this year, so I will be able to do the Turing Test Activity. I think the students will be excited about trying to distinguish. I will also show a video from youtube.


So the kids can sleep at night.


For the Turing Test, I may simply have 2 students in a different room and list answers on the board for each student. The class will look a the answers and decide at which point they feel they know who is the computer. I may also have 3 people in a different room (still only one acts as the computer) to decrease the odds from 50/50.


I didn’t know about the Turing movie. Thanks for sharing. In the past, in “Foundations of IT,” I have used chatbot sites so that the kids can become familiar. I would like to incorporate the movie as well.


Thanks for the resources!


I plan on having a narrator to read all answers the blindfolded students are given, so they only here a single voice.


great idea, the kids have been talking about this movie


I think my classroom is plenty big to break into groups to play the game. If need be, we have a large area at the end of the hallway I can send a couple of groups to. I don’t have any other resources that come to mind just yet, but I will be thinking on this topic as it approaches.


I can use my classroom and the hallway. I also have the option of using another teacher’s space and/or students with my class.

ELBOT the robot allows students to have an interactive chat. I think students would find the opportunity to ask questions and receive responses from a robot intriguing. I picked up on the pattern and stumped the robot. I look forward to seeing if students can do the same.

www.elbot.com Elbot the talkning robot


Great Idea. Always good to have students communicate with each other. Sometimes they learn things about themselves once they engage in a common topic outside of their normal converation range.


Use a deck of cards to assign roles: If you get an Ace then you are a robot. Otherwise you are a programmer. Rules are Only a Robot can answer. using an online forum. Topics are given ahead of time like Robot can write down responses to my favorite ___ or I like___or my brother___, my sister___. Robots write out their responses on their cards ahead of time. People write out their questions ahead of time then in real time the people ask their questions and robots respond.

Then the class decides if they all have AI…


I will use the Alan Turing clip. I will also use the A.I.'s in Hollywood movies to have students understand that computers are machines and the users are intelligent.


Basically, I didn’t have many students on the day I did this lesson and we used post-its and a big Post-it pad in the back of the classroom. We all brainstormed about the answers the students provided with “What is intelligence” and “What are REALLY computers?” We use Google Communities for our chatterbox sessions.


I would love to have a game where the students draw their roles out of a box. The drawing will consist of three different intelligence levels: 1) human, 2) computer, 3) artificial intelligence. I would love for them to try and convince others of why their intelligence level drawn is more efficient than the other through web research and then a poster presentation of the advantages and disadvantages of each. We could all come to a conclusion at the end of class to see which is better.