U1 Day 17-19: PD Discussion Topic


I think it is a great idea, as many have already shared, to show clips from movies that are based on the Turing Test. While not at all appropriate in its entirety the movie Ex Machina is entirely based on the Turing Test and was only just recently released.
Al of my students have computers so I think it will be very easy to utilize a chat site in order to test the Turing Test.


For the Turing Test, I don’t really have any partitions or separate areas on my classroom so I could just get the students assigned as actors to go in another classroom or even out in the hallway. I like the idea of showing the students a video about the Turing Test so they’ll understand what it’s all about and how it relates to artificial intelligence. I don’t have any chatterbot websites, but I will probably introduce this lesson by getting students to think about how Siri on the iPhone/iPad works (since most of them are familiar with that and if they’re not we can demonstrate it) and how that is a type of bot/search engine that takes voice commands and outputs information based off of searches and application setup.


Since we are a new school (and our furniture hasn’t even arrived yet …), I’m not sure how I will be able to set up. We will have movable furniture and one room has a partition that can be pulled and separating the room into two different rooms and each student will have their own device.

There were some great suggestions here in the forum and pulling in some articles and videos regarding how artificial intelligence and computers can be used in the modern world.


Showing the movie is a great idea. Not sure how I will handle this lesson, but I think I will utilizing the classroom and the hallway to conduct the turing test. It will important that students have an understanding of intelligence and how it relates to a computer. Student should have an understanding of:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Turing Test
  3. Machine Learning


I don’t have much say in my classroom layout so I’ll probably have to utilize my room and the library. I may have some students split up if we are going to perform a true turing test.


In my class, students will all have their own computers so I think it would be cool to first have them watch the video explaining the turing test and then have them mess around with one of those chatbot websites. What I would like to do is I want them to ask questions from a list I would make to the chatbot and record the responses and then record their own answers as well. Then, I want them to view another classmates list of responses. The test for them would be to see if they can determine whether the answers are the student’s answers or the chatbot’s answers. I’m still trying to work out some other details but I like the rough idea so far.


The 20Q questions is interesting…I can use this as an extension activity.


I will group my students by five for the Turing Test Activity afterwhich the class makes a tally of how many groups guessed who’s playing as computer. I might also ask them to write reflection if this test is credible or enough to figure if the a human is interacting with a human or a computer. I would also like to use the 20Q program from symbaloo as suggested by Mr. Huffine.


I have a movie poster from 2001 up in my room. I use it as a reference point and reminder of the science fiction of artificial intelligence. I am going to show short clips from several movies that depict artificial intelligence such as Star Wars, 2001, A.I., and the Matrix. A storage room connects to my classroom, so I will have student go to the storage room and the other in the hallway. I am concerned about using the game because it may have too many “moving parts” that can get confusing and also create opportunities for students to get off task. I will have students discuss and analyze what tips you off that you are talking to a computer vs. talking to a human.


I plan to use the library to facilitate this activity. We do not have a librarian any longer and the library will be a good open space for this course.


I’ll have to send my actors into the hall. It might be fun to have students pose questions to Apple’s Siri or the Android’s Cortana, I forget what they call it. They can hypothesize how one goes about programming Apps like these.


I will use padlet.com and ask the students to identify themselves as user 1 and user 2. the questions will be posted on the site and they would write their answers, as a class we will be able to see both answers for each question and as a group decide which is a computer


I have a small separate room, within the classroom, so I am hoping to use that, given that the computers are setup by then. A big IF! I also plan on showing clips from the Turing movie and other movies, including Star Wars (since it will be released this December), as well as AI and Space Odyssey. Perhaps SIRI as well.


I will use an adjacent classroom if I need more space for the Turing activity. I want to incorporate IBM’s Watson on Jeopardy into the lesson about AI. This Web video is helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P18EdAKuC1U


For the Turing Test Activity, I will have two students prepped with scripts to act out the demonstration activity. Then, students will vote as to which student was the computer and which was the human. I think the Computer Intelligence Activity on Pg. 71 will be a lot of fun for students.


I am moving to a new school so I would have to get my class then figure out how to incorporate the Turing Test.


I plan to have the students come into class with a list of robots that they have seen in the media. I believe this will be an extensive list and I cannot wait to hear what their thoughts are of robots and AI. I think it will be interesting to have the students talk with Siri. Siri is very blunt and I know I get a kick out of her when I ask random questions. This lesson will be very fun and educational for the students.


I will use the hallway to facilitate this lesson.


For this activity, I will probably work with teachers on my hall who have planning during the period that I teach ECS. This will provide an area for the students who are role playing to do their parts. The chatterbot websites seem like they will be fun for the students to explore as well. Students with newer smart phones could use them to see if they could trick the computer (example:Siri or OK Google) with a question.


For this activity I will start with the symbaloo.com resources. Student will investigate what intelligence is, I will incorporate the Turing Test Activity. I am really not sure how I will use the activity from this lesson, I have not review its complete content.