U2L02, Activity 1 vs. Activity 2


Hi everyone!

I’m a bit confused about the difference between Activities 1 and 2. Is the heuristic intended to be used on a variety of poems, or just one? If it’s just one, how is the second activity different than the first one?

Thank you for the clarification!


Hi @jdkramis,

That is correct. The heuristic is intended to work for all text anywhere and have the same results. The first half of the lesson allows students to get familiar with the metadata and get a feel for what the goal of the tool is. I think of it as the “hook” to getting students to write the algorithm. They will see that any one algorithm isn’t as good as doing each method by hand, too!


Thank you so much! That’ helps a lot.

I thought that was the intention, but looking through other forums, and speaking with other AP CSP teachers in my area, I was given the impression that they should work with just one poem. It made me wonder if I’d been doing it incorrectly for the last two years.

Thanks again!