U2L03: Need for Addressing


When students do the 20-21 Need for Addressing Activity, does each student have his own schedule that ze creates? So do they put multiple names in the box for each week of who is pairing up or is it just one person’s schedule showing who ze is meeting with for that week (so one name would go in the box)?

If a student has his own document/schedule, then for 4 people he would have just 3 days taken up (because ze is the 4th person). That seems inconsistent with the directions though.

Can someone clarify? Thanks!

I am teaching this soon, so I just read the lesson plan last weekend. Each person has a sheet and everyone fills out the information with a single name of a person they can meet with each day. What I think you missed was that each person also chooses a random day to mark as “busy” and crosses that day out on their sheet before the round begins.

Thanks for looking at this and responding! So the person who’s sheet it is, won’t have their names in the week’s list because the Monday through Sunday is who that students is meeting with. And if they are in a group of 4, they cross of Saturday and Sunday, they also have a 1-day break, that leaves 4 days of availability to fill with 3 students. Let me know if I am thinking about this or going about this wrong. :slight_smile:

I think that’s absolutely right!