U3 Challenge Decision


I used notepad too. I think this is very helpful!


I chose Day 3-4, 5! I LOVED this unit! I would start with a journal entry–what is HTML stand for and have a class discussion. Then we would type 3 paragraphs (all about me). They will have 15 minutes to complete. The students will share with a partner. Next, I would have a student write their paragraphs on paper and make mistakes on purpose–we will correct using tags (i.e. where to capitalize etc)–I will tie in how just like with writing you need symbols to correct; HTML is the same way! Next, I will show them a quick video on basic HTML to understand what we will be doing. I will then show them how to put this on notepad and save to the web. They will see they have work to do. We also look at different websites and how it is coded.

Next, we will complete how to add headings, paragraphs, bold and italics TOGETHER! Also, w3 schools is a great resource to use just in case they get behind. We complete a gallery walk to look at each others websites. I will then ask them for a journal entry–how was making smores related to this activity today?

Extension activity: To add some color to the title!

Advice: Since I teach middle school, I really had to show them all of this step by step! This took quite a few days.


Excellent information



Thanks for sharing your plans for Unit 3 Day 3-4, and 5. It sounds like the unplugged activity will be a lot of fun. I like the idea of getting the students into writing an activity that lends itself for them to discover why adding Tags is important and how they change the look of the web page.