U3 Challenge Decision


Unit 3 (Day 2)
Unit 3 (Days 3-4)

I feel as if the challenging part would be having kids create a wireframe/storyboard for a website of their choice and then use that topic for the lesson discussions. I feel if the students are led through discussions using the same topic and content they would learn more efficiently, especially if they are firt time coders. After completing a sample website together as a class I believe the students would be prepared to start on a website of their own topic.

The structure I used for the lesson started off with creating a wireframe, storyboard, and sitemap for a website on the “history of our school”. From there we created a 3 page website on the same topic using the website features that are discussed in the Unit 3 Lessons. I believe by doing this sample website from scratch will give the students a better understanding of how to complete a website project of a topic of their choice.

Attached is a list of vocabulary terms and html tags that will be covered in Unit 3.Unit 3 Vocabulary & Notes.pdf (81.8 KB)


I guess I’m a bit old fashion, but I’m using Notepad for my editor to teach html coding. On a Mac it would be “TextEdit”. Both of these programs should be available on Windows or Mac. But I do like your idea of the family website!


As a long time web design instructor one of the most important concepts you have to get the students to buy in is “Planning Your Work, Then Working Your Plan”. A good wireframe/storyboard will give the students a good idea of what type website content (text & images) that would be needed for the website. Students will become easily frustrated when trying to create a website without the proper content gathered or created before coding.

Also you can review the “Problem Solving” steps with the students for each new project.

  1. Identify the problem. (You need to create a website project.)
  2. Make a plan. (A. Create a wireframe/storyboard and sitemap. B. Gather content based on wireframe/storyboard.)
  3. Carry out the plan. (Create HTML code integrating your text and images.)
  4. Reflect and review. (What steps can be improved upon for the next project?)


I’m new to teaching ECS and new to html so I choose day 3-4


Thank you for sharing how important storyboarding and using the problem solving process are as you get into Unit 3. It is hard for students to consider how valuable those steps are, but it really does make a difference in the quality of work they produce and level of frustration.


Instructional Days: 8-10
Topic Description: An introduction to the use of basic css.


I’m doing U3, Days 3-4, 5

In a couple of my other classes, I have students write a report “All About Me” with specific criteria as far as what is included in each paragraph. For this lesson, I will have students work on a similar project and have them use the basics in the website.

Before starting, I will show them samples on various sites and have them discuss what the web master used on their site and how the students may accomplish the same. We will write out our page by hand and use that to create our website.


So I did my lesson on Unit 3: Day 6-7, working with images. I am not a fan of Photoshop so I’ve been exploring other options to use such as PicMonkey and other Google Chrome extensions. These extensions are easier to use for many of my students since we don’t have a lot of time to go over Photoshop. For this activity, I have students bring in or upload a picture of their family, friends, pets, etc. to edit and add to their “About Me” website.


@cfortmullerm, great point. I had to do the same when I was on this lesson.


I’ve posted my lesson plan with the link to Unit 3 Challenge. I am working without a partner.


Extension Activity/Challenge:
· Add line breaks, and horizontal lines.
· Use the html tutorial to find the tag to add page color to your site.
· Add an image

Collaborate with your elbow partner. Network and assist one another.

Wrap up journal question: What CS skills are YOU (students) using? Record your response.



How did the extension activity go? I like the idea to have the students “network” with each other to do the collaboration. I’m going to have to come up with some fun image to go along with “networking” to get students doing more collaboration.


I would like to work on day 6-7 HTML Images. I did this lesson before and a lot of students had issues with the images. I would like to figure out an easy way for students to understand this concept without driving me crazy.


I would like to work with Day 3-4–Basic HTML.


I will be posting my lesson ideas for Unit 3 day 14. I am working with Kay Lynn Holmes.


I’m going to do Unit 3 Day 14 HtML Links. I will be working with Alison Ence.


Okay. I’m hoping to partner up with Susan. We work for the same county and for the same department at different middle schools.


I’m going to work on Day 3-4,5: Basic HTML - Paragraph, Header, Strong, and EM Tags
with my Digital Marketing class


I chose Day 3-4,5: Basic HTML-Paragraph, Header, Strong, and EM Tags.


HTML and CSS with HTML5 tags. I went a bit rogue on this one and went with using HTML5 markup to frame a Website. We used the most current tags and then built the areas out using CSS. I found this was the easiest for kids to understand how to frame a site when using