U3 Challenge Decision


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I decided use lesson 3-4 for my challenge, because my students are brand new to html.


Unit 3 Days 3-4

I created an HTML graphic organizer to use for the whole unit starting on the first days…


For day 6-7, my biggest challenge was working with Photoshop. I’m not the strongest in Photoshop and found it challenging to teach the students how to use it. I showed videos and I also used another photo editing software that was a little easier to use. Please the software is free to use.


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I worked on the first days of unit 3


Hi guys!

So I did my lesson on adding images to an html document. I use guided notes and a powerpoint slide in order to help students. Everything that they need to know in order to help them is found in the guided notes section. Basically, I did a quick do now with students on the importance of image size. Then I showed them how to access paint. After that I let them explore on their own. Play with the codes and the values within the codes. Gave them about two days to really explore it. They then applied what they learned to their ongoing html website that they were creating:

Here are the pdf links:
Power point
Guided Notes


Day 14 HTML links is the lesson I choseenter link description here
Students were very interested to discover how “linking” works on websites


I am working on Unit 3 Days: 3-4


My lesson was Unit 3 Day 3.Lesson for Unit 3 Day 3


My lesson was on Unit 3 Day 3 (see attached link)Unit 3 Day 3


Here is my Unit 3 Lesson society and securityUnit3 lesson1 Society and Security.pdf (96.2 KB)


I wrote it on my on.


I had a hard time adjusting time for each lesson. Some of the lesson concepts seemed to be a little more engaging requiring more time.


My students created a basic website about themselves. They had to use a variety of tags and formatting.


I will use Days 3 - 4 Beginning HTML.


We do an activity every year within the first week or two call All About Me, which typically we do in powerpoint and have the students present to the class. I would like to start doing this as a website that the students could build upon throughout the year, adding photos, favorite projects etc. We would start with the Rubric for the old All About Me project and have them develop a storyboard and progress to the rest of the lessons.


What a great idea to incorporate the website activity and have them build something they care about.


Day 3-4,5: Basic HTML and strong and EM tags


I am doing the basic HTML lesson plan.


Before starting this lesson, I was trying to decide which program to use for html. I decided to show the students Sublime Text, but they know there are other options available to them if they want.

For my extended learning activity, the students will create a short web page that has their Last Name as the page title, and then includes sections with headings and paragraph texts about each of the members of their family. If they have a smaller family, they can include close friends, or even pets. This will hopefully be fun for them to create a short little webpage about their family.

I think part of the challenge with this type of lesson is that there will be some students who will think it is super easy, and some will struggle with it. I will probably use LANschool to show my monitor on the students while giving the demonstration, as well as having it show on the projector. I also think it would be helpful to have faster students sit by those that may need a little extra help.


The family web page activity sounds, really fun. Some may get a kick out of the pets being an option to include. Very creative.