U3 Challenge Decision


I am doing Unit 3, Day 3-4

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I am doing Days 3-4, Basic HTML. I use notepad as my html editor, and Khan Academy to get Unit 3 started.
challenge-unit3_days3-4.docx (24.5 KB) .


I will focus on Day 8-10: Basic CSS


My challenge project will be on Day 3-4, 5.

Lesson provides presentation tools and a rubric spreadsheet to grade website as students create them.


Expanded Basic Lesson


I completed days 3-4, Intro to HTML. I had students created a short Bio using HTML. It was really cool to see students created different titles, use different colors, and fonts. Students were really impressed with their creations.


Great lesson for HTML introduction.


I will be doing day 3-4, 5 Basic HTML.


I did days 3-5 Basic of HTML. Unit3Challenge-Day3-5.pdf (86.9 KB)


Lesson Day 3-4: An introduction to the use of basic html
This is a great lesson! This lesson introduces the binary number system and how to count in binary. Students will learn how to convert between binary and decimal numbers in the context of topics that are important to computer science.
Lesson Summary
Students will be able to:
● Create a storyboard.
● Navigate an html editor.
● Create an html page with a title and a body.
● Create an html page with paragraph tags, headings, line breaks, and horizontal
Materials and Prep
● Sample Storyboard
● Copy Paper
● Created Webpage
● CS Content
● Provide a brief overview the CS content covered in this lesson


I am going to work on the beginners section for this project days 3-4


Challenge U3 days 3-4 Bristol Challenge U3 days 3-4.docx (696.5 KB) Bristol U3 Challenge Reflection Questions.docx (12.9 KB)
Link to my PowerPoint: https://drive.google.com/a/chatham.k12.nc.us/file/d/0B2fU0k62BuFCZHNtVnF0Mnd2ZkU/view?usp=sharing
Link to my PowToon: https://www.powtoon.com/online-presentation/eOcTHvx55gv/storyboard-ecs/


Here is my one-pager. I hope this is the right place to post this; it didn’t say where to post it in the instructions.


I’ll look at the adding an image lesson.


Here is the link to the required document…I think:




Challenge 3.docx (24.3 KB)


I did the final project as listed in the ECS lessons with the gallery walk


The students enjoyed working in groups to accomplish their tasks.