U3 Challenge Decision


Lesson 3 HTML.docx (20.3 KB)


I did the HTML tag lessons. Here is my lesson plan. enter link description here


I will work on day(s) 14 and following. Students will create a webpage (or debug an existing page) that focuses on creating links (internal vs. external) and images (and linking images) within an HTML document. Due to resources available, there are a variety of approaches to this lesson.
Unit 3 - Day(s) 14


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I will be completing Days 3-4: Basic HTML Tags, Paragraph, Header, Strong,and EM Tags.Challenge-3LessonOverview.pdf (112.0 KB)


I will create a lesson for the Unit 3 final project


I created a lesson for Days 3-4, 5, 6-7 and 14. In this lesson, students created web pages of their favorite novel. They were required to create three pages: summary page of novel, about the author, and a characters page. They enjoyed this activity because they were allowed to add their personal touch and creativity.


Day 14: HTML Links / I enjoy working with hyperlinks and I want the students to see some creative things that they can do with them.


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I will work on the html basics like images and links.


Lesson Template

Lesson Google Doc to electronically give out to students


I enjoyed working on the final project in the Web Design Unit. The students enjoyed creating web pages about their favorite novel, author and characters of the novel. Starting out with teaching basic HTML tags and getting into CSS style sheets helped students understand how CSS enhances their web pages. They finished the unit understanding that the content of the web page comes from the HTML source and (for the most part) the appearance or style of the web page comes primarily from the CSS source. Not only did the students get to explore the HTML Tags covered in the unit, they were encouraged to use online resources for tags that were not covered in the unit. Students understood that a web page is a single page whereas a website is a collection of pages linked together.
Unit 3 Web Design Final Proj.docx (89.0 KB)


I chose Unit 3 Days 10-12 - Binary Numbers. I have found the in this course, MaWd, and e-commerce, that binary numbers seem to create more confusion than some of the other topics. I used the day 10-12 plan in the curriculum and then had the students each go to the board and convert numbers from decimal to binary and binary to decimal.


I also enjoyed working with the students on their Portfolio in the Web Design Unit. The students enjoyed creating the personal website challenge because it allowed them to be creative both in the design and the content of their website. They understood more about how CSS enhanced their web pages because they felt comfortable with HTML. The product was varied due to different ranges of abilities but all of the final projects were high quality.

ECS Lesson Plan
Objectives: Upon completion of this project, you should
be able to:

Define a Web site
Plan a Web site.
Create an electronic portfolio as a Web site.
Create Web pages
Define Web page layouts
Work with text and text formats
Create tables
Work with images
Work with hyperlinks
Planning the Portfolio

  1. List item

On a sheet of
paper, make a list of the items you plan to include in your electronic
portfolio. (As you complete your
portfolio, you will design one or more Web pages for each item on your
list.) Make sure each item you list
relates to the portfolio theme. For
example, a student preparing an electronic portfolio for a world history
class listed the following items:Rainforests of
Brazil Final EssayBrazil Essay
Notes and ResearchMap of ThailandAfrican History
Web Links
You need to
include (2) projects with links to each quarter. You will also want to include the
following information with each portfolio item:Date the item
was completedDescription of
the item Your reflection
on the item: how you created it,
challenges you had, and so on
On a separate
sheet of paper, sketch a home page that clearly defines the entire
portfolio and shows how the home page provides access (called a link) to
the portfolio items you listed in step 1.
A portfolio home page includes the following:Your nameThe purpose of
this portfolio and it intended audienceYour list of
portfolio items (hyperlinks)
You will also
want to include the following information to personalize you home page:A link to Mt.
Hebron school website and your personal e-mail link.Graphic
elements that enhance the appearance of the portfolio.
Sketch a brief
flowchart that defines the hierarchy of the portfolio and shows how the
home page will link to the four additional Web pages. On the flowchart you can show how, or
if, the pages link to one another, as shown in the diagram below:

Sample portfolio


Please see the Electronic Portfolio Rubric
(teacher handout)


I will submit a version of Days 8-10, Introducing CSS.


Here is the overview for a version of Introducing CSS: http://bit.ly/1ZySwB9
(Google doc shareable if you have the link).
Here is a bit.ly to the student lesson description: http://bit.ly/218q9u9


Worked collaboratively on Day 14, Adding Hyperlinks to Other Websites

Unit 3 Day 14: Adding Links to Other Websites


Before I have my students start this I have them go through Codecademy and complete the 7hrs. of work to get them familiar with the basics of HTML & CSS and working on adding items in their webpages. This has been a huge help for them. I then have them create a webpage that includes some of their best work from previous modules and some information that best describes them. I also give them leeway in what else they would like to add (pictures, songs, etc.)


Worked collaboratively with peer teachers.Unit 3


I am doing Day 18-21 Final Unit Project. I made the mistake of waiting to post these at the last minute, so I apologize in advance for not collaborating more!