U3 Challenge Decision


Day 14 Creating your own webpage.

Music Project - using editey

  1. Name of Band/Artist at the top - large font
  2. Background and text should be different colors
  3. Write a paragraph about the band/artist in large bold type
  4. At least one picture of the band
  5. State the genre of the band in italics (ie. Rock, Rap, etc.)
  6. A list of some of the songs from the band/artist in a paragraph in regular type
  7. A separate section that explains why the band/artist is your favorite
  8. Create a second webpage that has the lyrics to your favorite song and an embedded video
  9. Create a hyperlink on the main webpage to the second webpage
  10. All content (images, words) must be school appropriate
    11.Create a third webpage that has the lyrics of another song
  11. Create links back to the original webpage from both the second and third pages

Here is the link to the grading rubric: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SMGrUBkf-3htMGYCv0EfG-dxIOkYsRTZh3gqRMF2rLA/edit?usp=sharing

Here is a link to the sample webpage I created - note that it includes items from later lessons, as we improved our websites as we continued with this unit. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BxHVml8rnGXHRk40NWRmNE00NFE&usp=sharing


@coupland_susan, I like that your rubric makes a score of 10 = awesome!!


CopyofChallenge-1PageLessonOverviewTemplate (1).pdf (100.5 KB) CopyofU3ChallengeReflectionQuestions.pdf (80.1 KB)


Challenge Unit 3.docx (24.0 KB)

Day 17-19
With 20-21 added in!


Unit 3 Day 3-4 Basic html


We are a google school now and our sophomores-seniors have NOT had the opportunity to work with google sites before. I’m going to focus on google sites instead so that these kids can use the materials the school provides.


Here is my 1 page summary of the final project in Unit 3, within the file is a link to the student handouts.


I will be doing Days 6-7


I’m not doing Unit 3 as is. I am doing Google Sites because we just became a Google school.
CopyofUnit3Challenge-1PageLessonOverview.docx (696.0 KB)


One thing I added somewhat early on was a day to create a home page. I did this about part way through the unit as a mini-project so that they could apply some of the basic skills. The was before I had done any CSS, so it allowed my more advanced kids to work ahead and experiment, while others still could express themselves with a more basic page.


Day 17-19: HTML and CSS: Create Your Own WebpageLesson Plan: Day 14 HTML and CSS - Create Your Own Webpage. I’m comfortable working on this alone.


I am going to work on Day 6/7 HTML Images


ECS-Unit 3 Lesson Overview.docx (24.8 KB)

I’m sharing the lesson about creating blogs. I had created a BLOGGER account and my first blog in a professional development prior to teaching this unit. I used my experience and my blog to share with the students on day 1. Working through the BLOGGER experience in my PD session made me aware of some bugs that could occur when working with the students.
Because our system utilizes Google tools, students already have g-mail accounts and simply added the BLOGGER app. We reviewed copyright concerns and discussed appropriate vs. inappropriate postings prior to the independent session beginning. I like to give students freedom to select topics when I can because they become more vested in the assignment. I give sample topics to help those who don’t know where/how to begin.


Joel Morgan and I are working on Days 6-7 remotely.


IMAGE EDITING FOR THE WEB USING PIXLR.docx (80.8 KB) Unit3ChallengeLesson‚ÄďCindyWilkinsJoelMorgan.docx (25.3 KB)


Day 17-19: HTML and CSS: Create Your Own WebpageLesson Plan: Day 14 HTML and CSS - Create Your Own Webpage.


I worked on the Unit 3: Days 6&7 lesson with Cindy Wilkins.Unit3ChallengeLesson‚ÄďCindyWilkinsJoelMorgan.docx (25.3 KB) IMAGE EDITING FOR THE WEB USING PIXLR.docx (80.8 KB)


I will work on Day 6-7, HTML images. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the img src tag as well as how to apply several of the image attributes.

Unit3LessonOutline-K.Wingate.pdf (80.0 KB)

Image Editing Webpage.pdf (122.4 KB)


Here is the lesson I used for day 7
Challenge-1PageLessonOverviewUnit3.docx (695.9 KB)


I will be teaching the Days 3-4; An Introduction to the use of basic html