U3 Challenge Decision


I chose Day 3-4,5: Basic HTML - Paragraph, Header, Strong, and EM Tags

Here is the link to my summary lesson plan

Be sure to especially check out the resources I collected from searching around on Google and YouTube.


Hey @ktower_hcps, that’s a great list of resources!


Thanks @kevinsukhoo. I forgot one great resource SoloLearn.
I’ll add it to the document. It’s been one of my favorites.


Since I don’t teach this until 2nd semester I’ll have to work on my own. I’ll probably use the Basic HTML lesson.


I am fairly familiar with HTMl & CSS so I will be working on Day 11-13: HTML and CSS
Lesson Plan: Day 11-13 HTML and CSS.


I chose days 3-5, Basic HTML. These lessons covered paragraphs, headers, strong tags as well.
I had a few students in my class who program for a side business and are very good at it.
They offered to show students some basics and websites they used to learn - they were the same ones that are listed in the lesson plans.
I learned about how to code with color test and color in the background of text.
There are a lot of google resources on the internet - just search and explore.


I plan to work on Day 3-4 for Beginning HTML. I feel pretty versed in HTML, but it has been awhile, so this will be a good place to start to get my skills back. I am excited to teach HTML!


I worked on days 3-4. Here is my link to the doc I made.

Days 3-4 lesson


I worked on days 17-19. Here is my link to the doc I made.

Google Slides Day 17-19


I will be working on the final project lesson!


I am going to work on the final project! Here is a link to my one page summary, which links to all my student handouts.


@jreyn Thanks for a great lesson plan! How will you encourage collaboration and address the needs of all students?



@james_gundlach, I really like that you are allowing your students a lot of freedom in what they chose to advertise, especially the ‘fictional’ aspect! I am definitely going give my students that option the next time around. Thanks for sharing!


code.org Instructional Days 11-13.docx (13.1 KB)


Day 3-4,5: Basic HTML - Paragraph, Header, Strong, and EM Tags
Lesson Plan: Day 3-4 Basic HTML


I will be focusing on lesson Instructional Days: 15-16. My students have a good handle on working with HTML, but are struggling to expand the design of their websites using CSS.


Hi Everyone :smile:
Just checking in to see if anyone needs help with anything in this unit.
Also, if you’re looking for someone to work with on your lesson, let me know, I can work with you.


I’m going to focus on Day 14 HTML links.
Challenge-Unit 3 Links.pdf (88.1 KB)


I will teach how to insert and image in a web page. The lesson includes steps to locate images in the hard drive using Finder for Mac OS or Explorer for Windows. The next assessment includes steps to insert an image from Google Docs. By including this assessment, students will explore the benefits of cloud computing techniques in web design.

U3-Challenge-1PageLessonOverviewDay6.docx (27.9 KB)


I will be doing the final project. I’m planning on doing a separate unit on JavaScript after the webpage unit, so I am going to modify the final to remove the JavaScript additions, and then we will do a final project for the JavaScript section after we do scratch in which we will make a website and embed a JS program into it.

Challenge: Final Project
Final Project Scoring Sheet for Galary Walk.docx (5.6 KB)