U3 Challenge Decision


Submission of a lesson on using hyperlinks in an html document is forthcoming.


I plan to work on a challenge for Day 6-7 - HTML Images


I will probably have my students complete Days 3-4, 5 at this point. Depending on how it goes, I might have them complete images also.


I prefer to work on my own on this challenge. I will be doing the option for Day 8-10 Basic CCS.


I noticed there are several useful projects, I gave my students a guided note sheet to help with terminology.Unit 3 Study Guide.pdf (197.8 KB)


I chose to focus on Day 17-19. The design elements of a website appealed to me and the needs of my class. We spent some time on what makes a good website, what is appealing about it, why would you stay longer on one site over another. It went well and the kids still talk about what they notice on different sites.



[Unit 3 Lesson Plan-Hyperlinks][1]

[Additional resources for lesson][2]

[Rubric for Webpage Assessment][3]

[ECS Curriculum Material for HTML hyperlinks][4]


I will create a lesson on Basic HTML.


I like your idea. I am familiar with HTML; however, I need to refresh my skills to be more effiicient. This go around I need to make sure I see how each piece builds and then focus on CSS and how CSS coding is different.


I am going to work on days 3-4 Basic HTML. I struggled teaching this unit in my first semester because I was not very familiar with the material. I feel like I benefited a lot from working through the HTML and CSS sections on Khan Academy.


I did not upload these correctly the first time…I hope this works!

Unit 3 Lesson Plan-Hyperlinks

Rubric for Webpage Assessment

Additional resources for lesson Unit 3

Curriculum Material for Unit 3 Hyperlinks


For Unit 3 Challenge I have been working with some of Curie Condor Colleagues on the Final Project.

http://www.littlewebhut.com/ has been one of resources for Unit 3.


I created a unit on Careers and the students final web page project included completing a career worksheet and designing a Career Website based on their HTML skills and the answers to the worksheet. Please see attached.

Unit 3 Challenge Career Website- .docx (22.0 KB)

career_research_nvcis34_3.docx (18.6 KB)

Career_Website_Rubric.docx (15.0 KB)


Basic web page structure, along with images, links, and font changes. (Unit 3: Days 3-4, 5, 6-7, and 14)


I am going to work on the final project. My kids are struggling with adding some of the Java Script items currently and I believe I will need to adjust some of the requirements. Furthermore, I like all of the suggestion for content on the final project. I believe it would be better to center on one of the IT Fundamentals requirement for Career Research with the entire class at once rather than use the other suggestions to fulfill a different course competency.


I am looking to do the challenge on Unit 3 Day 3-4 Basic Html


Kudos @william_hatten for choosing a lesson you previously struggled with! Looking forward to seeing it!


Hi @mccutcheonjm. The links definitely went through, but we do not have access to view your files :fearful: I sent a request to view, thanks in advance! :smile:


I intend to do a cursory introduction to HTML. Then I will focus on using Google sites template for web page creation.


Nice way to connect with Career Prep. Did the student share their websites with each other or with other students in the school?