U3 Day 14: PD Discussion Topic

A few students have been frustrated with links that work when they create the site, then go back and the link doesn’t work any more. That, for me, was a good place to start.

Lesson #14: Day 14 HTML and CSS - Create Your Own Webpage

Provide a general overview the lesson. Include teaching tips here, if any.
The objective of this lesson is to motivate students to apply what they have learned in HTML to the creation of 3 Web pages that has 5 links about their future

Lesson Summary
● Provide an overview of the various parts of the lesson (especially important if you suggest changing the lesson sequence)
● Then, list the lesson sequence. First activity - Second activity, etc.
This is a great lesson to help them focus on career options which are truly important to a students future.

I would motivate it by having students develop this by having them create a logo that represents them in their future career. This would be used on a banner that would be on a homepage about their future career.
Complete online career interest survey individual research
Interview a professional- at home-school – or through roadtrip nation
Show Ted Talk Video, have students journal, then pair share before assigning the research task.
Define Tasks of career – more research
Create an inclass drawing that represents themselves in their future career: What they will do – Why is it important to them-What skills will they need – Where could they live doing this work

After they do this work they will share their results with their table and then use the information as a template for their website creating a page about. Who I will Be, What I will Do, Where I will live

CS Content
HTML – CSS – Graphics – Career Exploration Objectives
Students will be able to:
● Create and link web pages
● Research Career Choice
● Create and include graphics on web page
Materials and Prep
● Online survey link ahead of time – I will use Naviance system since that is what my school uses
● Paper and drawing materials for design of Career homepage, Career logo
Student Documents
● Content research prompts, students will prepare word document that has the information answers.
● Design the layout template for the information of the career website

Code Studio

● https://www.ted.com/playlists/220/7_talks_to_help_you_find_the_r
● https://www.ted.com/playlists/220/7_talks_to_help_you_find_the_r

● Quality of the websites created