U3 Day 20-21: PD Discussion Topic

U3 Day 20-21: PD Discussion Topic

Giving students choice allows them to express themselves in a way they choose to. They can incorporate elements of their culture or values into their web pages.

Allowing students to choose the topic for their website encourages equity since the students are likely to choose a topic that is important and interesting to themselves.

Giving students a choice of what to add their websites brings about equity because they all are given the same tools. They have the same tools to create and design a website of their choice.

Students who feel less comfortable with this unit can choose the things that make them feel successful, and students who comfortable with task in this unit can go all out and create on their personal level.

When students are given a choice - it provides them an opportunity to share what is really important to them. This usually adds “buy-in” and excitement as well from the student because they all love talking and sharing about themselves. This adds value for the student and the teacher as well.

Our kids get enough “cookie cutter” projects as it is. Having them add their own elements allows them a voice in the matter. It teaches the kids that thee path they choose is valid and pulls them away from there only being only one “correct” answer.

I enjoyed teaching this lesson because students were able to be creative and express their individual interests in their work. Equity was demonstrated because every students could create something and assist each other.


Giving students choice in this matter strongly demonstrates individual equality.

Giving students a choice about elements that they wan to incorporate into their websites allows for equity in that students can focus on elements that they find personally interesting and encourages creativity and uniqueness.

Choice also keeps students interested in going forward as they can learn at their pace or go faster.

I agree. Giving students a choice is an excellent way to insure that they do a really good job of showing you what they know.

It promotes creativity and individualized learning. Every kid can work to their ability level and focus on tying our skills in to real world topics

When I ask them to reflect on thier work they always mention liking to express themselves as individuals.

It gives them the opportunity to truly take ownership of their work. It as gives the students a sense of pride in their work.

How does giving students choice in what they add to their own website encourage equity?

Ownership comes to mind first. Freedom to be creative, second. An opportunity for self expression, third. Exercising choice, fourth. Promoting one’s inner voice, fifth.

All three of these aspects are rolled up into the concept of individuality and equity.

If equity is the process and equality is the outcome, letting our students explore developing their webpage projects around taking ownership, being free to be creative, with an opportunity for self expression while promoting something that they care about… I’m assuming the outcome will be better than if done in any other manner.

Giving choice encourages equity because different elements motivate students differently depending on their backgrounds and interests. When given some freedom of choice in subject development, the students run with the project.

Giving students a choice of subject matter for their web page development allows them to become invested in the activity and take ownership, as well as it allows them to express who they are and show creativity. I have observed that they tend to take more pride in their work.

Giving students their own choices, allow them to pull from their own background and culture. They reflect their own likes and dislikes. The student makes the website their own.

Unique topics encourage equity because each person has a choice as to what content they put on their site, which usually creates a desire to impress. I have found that when you restrict a project to a certain topic, you get less creativity than when you allow students to choose.