U3 L10 bubble 4 - project

The directions to the students state the following :

Copy all of the individual functions you and your group members have written at the bottom of this program.
Design your scene** using these functions, placing your calls at the top of the file.

This seems to me to indicate that it is an individual scene design

However, the description of the project from the [Design a Digital Scene - Project Guide 2019] states: (last 2 sentences in the description paragraph)

“Then each member of your group will write the code to complete a portion of the scene. Finally your group will combine your code into a single program that draws the scene.”

Which seems like they submit one scene designed by all group members. So, we are confused as to whether each student should design their own scene using the functions each member created, or they submit one scene as a group that each member had a part in designing.

I think that you could do this either way. For the most part, my students combine all of the code onto a single person’s account, troubleshoot, and then submit it. (Sometimes they will share the finalized code so everyone can copy/paste onto their own accounts).

You could have them individually combine, and troubleshoot–this would probably be more similar to what they will have to do if they are going to work with a partner on the final (AP/CollegeBoard) Create.

In either case, I would definitely have them do the written reflection part individually.

In my class it’s the same. The students each design their part and then they all combine them together on one student’s account. Then they need to work together to make the scene look like they want. Reflections are definitely done individually.