U3L17 Coding Question

Link to the project or level: Game Lab - Code.org

What I expect to happen:
You are supposed to click the food and it is replaced with the empty plate or bowl.

What actually happens:
The plates are big enough to cover, but the bowls are not and you can see the other sprite behind it. We want it to replace the sprite. (Like the soup bowl rotation in U3L15)

What I’ve tried: Not sure what to try.


You are so close to this working! If you add a background block to the top of the draw loop, it will redraw the background every time it goes through the draw loop. This will have the effect of covering up the old animations when they are replaced with new ones.

You could even move the background block you have at the top of the program to just inside the draw loop and it should work as you want it to.

Good luck!


OMG!! So easy I overlooked it. THANKS!!!