U4 Day 1: General Q&A


U4 Day 1: General Q&A


how do I open the name.sb file…my computer doesn’t recognize it



Your computer will not be able to open the .sb file. You have to go onto the scratch.mit.edu and upload the file. Only the scratch editor recognizes that file format. Here is short video to show how to do that.



Thanks so much for that video!!! I ended up playing with it yesterday and that is how I finally got it to open… so another question is … I started to plan my Calendar for the month for my ECS class and all the worksheets… if I am in Google Calendar, and I upload a link to those files to my calendar, which then posts to my website for the kids… if they are in Scratch, can they upload those files from there… or do I need to go to each computer in the lab and have the file on the drive? Computer Science calendar for students

Not sure if that is your own video, but “Crossfit” jumped out at me…hehe… I am a crossfit addict too :grin:


Haha yes the video is mine. Definitely a crossfit addict.

Here is a video of what the students will have to do to access the files you put up. They will click the link for the .sb file. It will say they can’t preview it but they can download it. Once they download it then they can upload it onto scratch. Its a couple steps for the students but way easier than you putting it on every computer.



Got it… Thanks! Heading in for my lunch break in 20 minutes to do WOD (timed) 30 snatches, 30 clean and jerks and 30 Thrusters… Yuck! Good start to this week. Thank you so much for your help, and have a blessed week :thumbsup: