U4 Day 14: General Q&A


U4 Day 14: General Q&A


I tried clicking in the link https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/84788156/#editor
and it says sorry this project is not shared? Am I doing something wrong?


Where is this project linked? It isn’t shared for me either but it might just be a mistake of who ever made it.



so this has nothing to do with U4 day 14… but I can’t get into the Unit I want to get into to write a General Q&A question… but here is my problem. Our spring time is NUTs, with a ton of interruptions. So I have decided to do the robotics section now, and then do the data part later. Is there a way for me to have access to the online curriculum part for unit 6? I just got to looking at the book stuff and there are links that are on the teachers domain… which I can’t get to. and all the resources.
We have state testing which takes some of my students out of class and not others, and seniors are out early, and then we are out of school on the 17th of May… so I need to have access to that last unit so I can use robotics for the days that are so sporadic with kids and then use unit 5 for the days I have all students. Hope this make sense
Dawn Huff


Hi Dawn

You can definitely do Unit 6 first. All of it should be available to you but if its not I would like to figure out why. Can you tell me what links are broken so I can go take a look?



when I log into my code studio, it shows that these links are open…

But not unit 6. So unless there is another route to access them… that unit hasn’t been opened. Also they generally send an email that states the next unit has been assigned to you, and I only got the email about unit 5 being opened to me … and I got that one on Feb. 15…

Hope this helps? Thanks, Dawn Huff


Ahhhh ok the Online PD for Unit 6 is supposed to release later this week. So you should get an email soon with the link. Hopefully that won’t be too late!



nope I think that should work! Thank you so very much :wink:
This weekend is our BSU Saturday workshop… do you have access to who is teaching our class? the only reason I am asking this is I swear I got an email asking us to bring some sort of data that we collect this week… and that we would be using it on Saturday to learn about unit 5 (data collecting and analyzing). But I have asked two other teachers that I am in contact with that go, and they don’t know about it. I get so many emails from CS10K community, IDoCode, and other emails that I am not sure if I am just reading others assignments and thinking they are something I am supposed to be doing. Thanks again for your help!


Hey Dana

Here is the pre-work for Saturday:

Data collection: During the 3 days prior to the PD, you will need to generate a collection of data related to when you eat. The data should be recorded in whatever way you think is appropriate. It should include:
Location of where you ate
Happiness when you ate

Download files: Download the Unit 5 Data Files (Zip 26 MB) and Unit 5 Potential Final Projects Data Files (Zip 345 KB). (Make sure you have a laptop with access to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets for the upcoming PD workshop.)

Review: Look over the first few lessons in Unit 5 prior to your Phase 3 Part C workshop. No need to memorize or make lesson plans, but we encourage you to review the material.