U4 Lesson 13 Decision Making App

Coud someone please look over this student’s code for me and help us figure out why the correct output isn’t showing up for her output area? What should we do differently to have the output print out correctly?
I THINK the main concern is that the output variable isn’t working correctly. we tried using set text blocks in the if/else if blocks and that didn’t work either.
her name, weather, and place variables are showing up correctly in the output area.
thank you in advance!!

One of these things is not like the others. Look at what happens when weather == “sunny” && place == “home”. Do you see anything different from the other if statements?

Second, look at how you are initializing weather and place. Are those the same values that show up in the drop down when you start the app? Why would that be a problem?

Third, look at the onEvent for "nameInput". What happens if you update the screen before you update the variables that updating the screen depends upon?

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