Understand by Design Cirriculum

Hello. I need to write a curriculum for CSP using the Understanding by Design model. Does one exist in Code.org or does someone have one? Thanks!


Hi Chris,

I don’t know if a version that explicitly called out the UBD model, but I know a lot of the code.org lessons are designed with similar principles. Can you share a little more about what you envision this looking like? Would you like each lesson to explicitly call out UbD, or a resource which maps which concepts/philosophies are used in which lesson of the course?

Hi Madeline.

Thanks for responding! Yes, there are variations in the UBD templates, but here is the one I need to complete: AP Computer Science Principles 2023 UBD - Google Docs

Even if it isn’t in the exact same format, I think any UBD document would be beneficial. I have been to the curriculum pages for the course in Code.org. Thanks.