Unit 1 Lesson 11 - Intellectual Property

This lesson has the students read a Washington Post article dated December 6, 2018 with the title “Is Fortnite stealing black dance culture? The creator of the‘Milly Rock’ argues yes in a new lawsuit.”

The lesson is highly slanted towards the side of copyright and intellectual property. Since the article is so old, I google searched for a followup to the court case and found this: Rapper 2 Milly drops lawsuit against Epic after Supreme Court ruling

In essence the Supreme court ruled that you can’t sue for copyright infringement if you don’t currently hold a copyright. And this leads into a much larger discussion of what is or is not copyrightable.

the moral of this is that the legal world is quite complex and is better left to the legal experts. This lesson should pick a better example, or at least point out that the real world is very complex from a legal perspective.

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@fullerm Thanks for posting this update. This result can open further discussion on the topic.

We did this lesson today. In addition to the follow-up article for the lawsuit, I looked for a video showing the dance. Hard to find a video that would be appropriate in classroom, but I found this tutorial. The first 15 seconds show the dance moves in question in a clean environment.

The video tutorial also adds a great deal to this discussion. The video made by MihranTV shows the tutorial viewed 1.4 million times, and a YouTube channel subscriber rate of 2.5 million. YouTube will pay up to around $6 per 1,000 views, so having 1.4 million views could have resulted in a profit up to around $8,400. The comments on the YouTube video also ask for donations, meaning the profit could be even higher.

I have no clue if there is a licensing agreement between MihranTV and the rapper Milly, but I would suspect not. This can enhance the discussion on copyright to discuss derivative works and provide an example of potential monetary gain.


I was also searching for an “updated” article for this lesson. While this article is interesting, it doesn’t really relate the idea of copyright infringement to the choices the students themselves will be making as they interact with digital content.

I am planning on using this article about YouTube and Twitch:

I also want to share information about updated Copyright Code, such as this article about the Copyright Law of 2021

Lots of new, relevant interesting copyright stuff to look at :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing this info.

jgwilson, the Copyright Law of 2021 has not passed congress. It is simply a wishlist proposed by a congressman. I have the same problem with the original Washington Post article is that both are opinion pieces and should not be used to illustrate concrete facts.