Unit 1 Lesson 11: Intellectual Property - Alternate alricle (AI Art and Copyright)

Instead of using the Fortnite article, here is something more recent:
[https://youtu.be/gv9cdTh8cUo?si=uUetyhMeUJMN2FsM](Lawyer Explains Stable Diffusion Lawsuit)
You can use the transcript instead of the video if that works better.

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Glad to see someone come up with an alternative assignment. I have always had issues in trying to use an editorial opinion piece from a newspaper article as an academic assignment. Since the court case is 5 years old now, see the following conclusion:
Case Conclusion
This showed that you can’t sue for copyright infringement when you never filed for an actual copyright, and also hints that certain things are not eligible to be copyrighted.

I also use this link from a YouTube video that shows how to do the Milly Rock. Students love this and often like to try to perform the dance moves:
How to Dance the Milly Rock

A neat thing about this video is to Google Search average Pay amount per viewer for YouTube which will show you one can earn around $6 / 1000 views. This Channel for MihranTV show 2.65 million subscribers and 1.2 million views on this video alone. Calculate the potential amount of money that could have been earned by making this video, and then have students ponder whether they think Milly got paid for things like this as well. (I do not know the factual answer to that question) but I have my opinions as to the answer.

I try to teach my students what they need to know to pass their AP Exam on the topic of IP, Copyright, Creative Commons, but leave them with the understanding that once Lawyers, Judges, and the Supreme Court are involved, then reality is much more complex that the simple ideas that this lesson is trying to teach. I leave them with the idea that some lawyers make a career on litigation revolving around Patents, Trademarks, and CopyRight law. Some students get their interest piqued by this thought

Here is a related short article (also from the past summer): Sarah Silverman is suing OpenAI and Meta for copyright infringement - The Verge

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You didn’t happen to tweak the slides for the lesson with questions to match this, did you? If so, any chance you can share? Thanks!

Interesting follow-up to this topic in a Federal Judge ruling.

This one is hard for me to grasp because the human spent countless hours revising the prompts to make tweaks to the AI-generated image. To me, that is not much different than taking a picture with a digital camera, and then spending countless hours in Photoshop tweaking the result in subtle ways.

This or other cases like it will probably head to the Supreme Court. It will be interesting to see where this technology ends up. I have always said, “My major problem with computers is that I was born a 100 years too soon!”

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