Unit 1 Review Activity


Use this space to talk about your review of concepts from Unit 1. If you’re looking for a review activity for unit 1 content, consider using this concept mapping activity!


Is that activity part of the code.org lesson plans? I am wondering if there is something like that for the other units.

thank you


Hi I am doing Course A and noticed that there is Lesson 3, it jumped from Lesson 2 to Lesson 4, is that correct?


Hi there, in the online courses for CS fundamentals, we automatically skip over unplugged activities to accommodate students who are working through the courses without a teacher. If you’d like to see all the lesson plans, you can return to the course page (studio.code.org/s/coursea) and click View Lesson Plan to the right of any lesson (including the unplugged lessons).

Hope that helps,


Hi Sarah,

Thanks a lot for the help. It makes sense now…

Highly appreciate it