Unit 10 Lesson 1

I feel like I’m going insane… there is a character bio for Josh but no nameplate, a nameplate for Mandy but no character bio, a nameplate for Pedro but no bio… am I missing something?

Also, it would be great if there were at least 28 possible roles as my classes are not 20 or less…

Hmm, I also am not able to find a bio for Mandy or Pedro. Perhaps they were swapped out at some point?

If it helps, there is a note about large classes in the lesson plan:
Large Classes: More than one student can have the same character assignment, as long as they are not in the same group. You may also opt to use the blank badges and nameplates to create your own characters. Consider the school counselor or the bus driver.

Because students are working in groups of 4-5, it shouldn’t matter if two students have the same characters because they will likely be working with others with different backgrounds. I’d just try to avoid making two groups of exactly the same sets of characters.