Unit 2 - Computer Science Discoveries

I see that Unit 2 is redesigned for 20-21. The lessons on ordered and unordered lists are completely removed and only a small exposure to lists is given in lesson 3. Can I add these lessons back in? Or, can I assign the 19-20 version of Unit 2 to my students now?

Ordered and unordered lists show up in 2.3. I saw them on the first bubble page.

Hi @mdesharnais,

As you and @Maggie.Elliott pointed out, the lists lesson has been wrapped into a larger lesson in the 2020-21 curriculum. You’re welcome to assign that lesson from previous years if you’d like, but the curriculum writers made this change based on feedback they’ve received.

–Michael K.

Can I assign a specific lesson from the 19-20 curriculum to the 20-21 curriculum?

@mdesharnais, you can link to it if you are using a content management software (such as canvas or Google Classroom), but you can’t embed it in the newer version of the course. I use canvas and I am embedding direct links often into my lessons in Canvas. You could also just send a link to their email or however you can get them to link to that lesson.

hope this helps.


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If it’s any consolation, I felt the same way about not having a specific lesson for lists. I tried it the way the curriculum set it up for 20-21. I had to reinforce the use of ul and ol, but I had to do that before too. It worked out well overall.

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It would be awesome if each teacher had the opportunity to “choose” the lessons from a list to create their own Unit 2. This would give teachers more flexibility before they assign the Unit to their students. I understand the Unit is designed for certain skills, but having the option to “add” a few lesson of our choice in (for example: Unordered and Ordered Lists lessons from 19-20 curriculum) would be really great.

Thanks Mike. I assigned them the link today for the Unit 2 Lesson 6 Lists, lesson from 19-20 curriculum. However, that lesson ends with taking them to their website, which isn’t there if we are normally in 20-21 curriculum. Also, if I assign a “link” to a lesson in 19-20 curriculum, how can I see their “progress” as a teacher like I normally would to check their work and see if they have completed every puzzle?

Yes, it isn’t a clean solution. You may have to assign them that lesson as a way to learn the content, but have them go back to the current year’s work to work on their websites.

You would only be able to see their progress by assigning them to that class. I believe you could assign them to both versions, but it is messy if you want to track progress in both versions.

If it were me, I would just assign them that lesson and not track it, but I realize that’s not an ideal solution.


@MWood, the best solution would be if Code.org could build a Unit 2 and then allow teachers to choose Add-On lessons (from a list) to “assign” to the current curriculum. this way, all of the lessons would be in the same year and the teacher can supplement the base curriculum to best meet the needs of their students.

I agree. That would be nice. You might want to email support@code.org with that suggestion. I know they are open to suggestions.