Unit 2: Modifications/ Mini- Project

So, there have been a few changes to this unit. I am wondering in the mini-project, the students are shown the code to create Lists, but that lesson has been omitted from the updated 20-21 version. It just seems like an odd placement for a “mini-project” and missing some HTML connections prior to application.

Hi @dschreiber,

I’m not sure I understand what your exact question is here. There were some changes to the structure of the unit in the 20-21 version of the curriculum. Rather than having a separate standalone lesson just for lists, this version introduces the concept of headings in their own lesson and then incorporates lists into a larger lesson that shows many different types of HTML tags, such as paragraph tags and line breaks.

Does this help? Or were you just giving feedback? If the latter I’d recommend submitting a ticket to support.code.org so the content team can see it directly.

–Michael K.

I’ve found the changes to Unit 2 to be pretty big too. I’ve been teaching it with the previous versions since it came out and navigating the changes have been challenging in some spots. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it. Now that I’m working through it with students, I find that I really like the bite-size portions it’s been broken into. I felt like they were getting less HTML & CSS at first, but now realize that they are getting more of it because of the practice and challenge levels.