Unit 2 FRQ - room set-up

Can anyone share what it looked like in their class during the Unit 2 FRQ? I’m unsure what to have at each station.

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Hi @nlentino! I love this question and I really find value from seeing how others set their classroom up. I started off by reading the suggestions from the first page on this document.

While I find it valuable for students to get up and move throughout the room I also feel like time was short for this activity so I just had students turn around in their chairs to make groups of 3 and 4. I have rows of tables in my room and 20 students in my sections. The circles in the picture represent the students.

I made copies of the graphic organizer and the FRQ packet for each individual student. Then I made copies of the FRQ station sheets (pages 2 and 3). This is a duplicate of what each individual student has but I find its nice to have a common page that students can point and refer to as a group.

Hopefully my picture sheds light on how I did it. I would like to see other peoples class setups and @nlentino if your able to share your setup that would be fun to see too.


Thanks Sam. I did something similar. I have a much smaller class, so I numbered the students 1 - 2- 3- 4. I had four tables set up. I had all same numbers work together for x number of minutes then had one from each group join together to form different groups. I have used this method in the past by giving each group a different method to work on. When remixed, each person in the new group has a different piece of the FRQ to share with the group. This is similar to Jig-sawing a large project.