Unit 2, Lesson 20 help

Hello, I have a student who is having a problem formatting her website. She has a class set up correctly on the CSS page and it is being called correctly on her HTML page, but the changes are not showing up. The heading right above the paragraph is calling the same class and it is working, so I’m not sure where the problem is. The text in question is on the Series.HTML page on this site, and the class is on the style.css page. It is called .lightning-thief and everything seems fine to me.

The class is .lightning and the html page is calling it correctly on line 27 but on line 29 it’s calling the class “lightning-thi”??

That must be an error. When the student showed me her page the class was called .lightning-thief and it was called correctly. It still looks that way now as I look at it.

I got the right code in there now, so you should be able to see that the class isn’t working on the paragraph.

To me it looks like the class IS getting attributed to the Lightning Thief h3 and P sections on the series page. The sections are blue with round text box borders, etc.

The text in the <p> should be blue like the <h3> but it isn’t. All of the other style changes in the class are being applied, though. That’s what is confusing me.

The text shadow commands are probably the culprit here.

Since they are adding text shadow to everything, it is hard to see what is happening. On top of that, some of the text shadow values are negative (sending the text shadow to the left), so it’s hard to tell what is text and what is text shadow.

Then, there are styles for h3 elements and styles for p elements, but then there are class styles which should override the original styles.

My best guess is that it is doing what they have told it to do, but that it’s hard to tell that with all of the conflicting styles.

I would recommend removing text shadows completely from paragraph text (makes it hard to read), and then see if it’s easier to see what is happening. I’d also suggest all text shadows avoid negative numbers. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard to see where the conflict is happening.

If they still can’t figure it out, please reach back out and we are happy to keep looking.


Thanks for the advice. I will try that and see what happens.