Unit 2 Project Rubric for Grading


My teaching partner and I created this for grading. Suggestions would be great. Fitting it on a single page was a goal so it is easy for kids to look at.
Unit 2 Project Rubric for Grading


I really like the setup of your rubric. I do have one question about the stylesheets. Do you allow your students to use a single stylesheet for their entire site with multiple classes to create a cohesive appearance? I’ve always wondered how others approach this question. I tend to let my students choose if they want to have multiple stylesheets or a single stylesheet with a greater use of classes.


Great question!
We really want our students to be in the practice of making their sites in a way that allows them to make changes without affecting every single page. Therefore, we ask them to create a stylesheet for each page, even if they are going to be the same. Then, if their client decides a change is necessary, it will be easy to change without affecting the entire site.