Unit 3 Chapter 1 Project Simultaneous with Lessons?

Good morning,
Has anyone had students complete the Level 13 project simultaneously while progressing through Chapter 1?

Learn about backgrounds, make a background.

Learn about sprites, add a sprite.


Just curious. Considering it for next quarter. Thank you!

I haven’t tried it, but I suppose you could. That’s kind of how I teach web development. I have some practice assignments and then we start a larger project that takes us 8 weeks to create as we learn the different building blocks.


Interesting idea! I’d be curious how this would work in a classroom.

I think this depends on you as the teacher: are you just looking for your students to go through the process of building a video game? Or, are you interested in a summative assessment at the end to see whether they can synthesize all these skills and create a new game from nothing? Along with that, as they learn about more complex behaviors like functions and collisions, how will this affect the game design?

I believe (though I am not the CS Discoveries curriculum writer) this project was placed at the end of the unit so that students can design a game after they know what tools they’ll have in their toolchest. Then they can plan out the game and write it all in one fell swoop.

I’m curious from the other teachers on here what they think about this!

–Michael K.

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