Unit 3 Lesson 21 Project Guide - purpose?

I’m going to be teaching Lesson 21 in Unit 3 soon, and I’m not sure I understand the purpose for students filling out the project guide for this lesson. As far as I can tell, the game is pretty much laid out for them already and they just have to write the code for it.

I understand why they would fill one out when they design their own game, but could someone please elaborate? Thank you!

Even though the premise of the game is given to them and they have minimal choices they can make, I still see some value in having them walk through the process and think it out as it will help them when they do design their own games.

If they are able to see an example of the game and how it plays before filling it out, it will allow them to discover and think about all that is going on in the game and all that needs to be planned.

Sure, their answers will all be similar or the same, but I see value in the process even if the result isn’t unique.

Just my 2 cents, though. Others may disagree and tbh I don’t always use every project guide and student handout. Some may not be as useful as others.


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I agree that it’s useful for them to see the completed project guide that goes with the activity, that way they can start to get an idea for how to fill out their own when the time comes. I just didn’t understand the reasoning behind having them fill one out for that game when all of the elements have already been provided for them.

I think we will just go through the completed guide together and talk about it, and they can refer to it if needed when they start planning their own game. Thanks!

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