Unit 3: Lesson 10 #3 Finiding Duplicates

This exercise has your looping through a nested for loop to compare data. Would the attached image be a correct representation of what the code is doing? Just want to make sure I have the visual correct. I just copied the first 7 fees from the txt file.


@jeff.rhodes - This is a great representation of tracing a 2D array and looking for duplicate value. If you don’t mind, I think I may borrow this to show my class a concrete example of what is actually happening as the loops traverse the matrix. Thanks for posting this example.

Thanks for the feedback, feel free, BUT if you want, I am going to animate it with arrows and output. If you like I can send that to you when I am done later!

That would be fantastic! Thanks

Here is a cleaned up version and an animated one if anyone can use it.

I have a high res I can send: